Our Guiding Principles

At Cooper Square Communities, we are committed to providing attainable homeownership for every budget. We aim to create and improve manufactured home communities, transforming them into exceptional places our residents will be proud to call home.

Our mission is to provide safe, affordable, and comfortable neighborhoods for our residents. These are the cornerstones of every Cooper Square Community:

Safety and

curb appeal

Responsive professional management


Respect and care for our residents

Attainable homeownership

Become Part of Our Community

Relocate your home to a Cooper Square community

If you love your home but are looking for a new community, move your home to a Cooper Square community today. Contact us to learn about our new resident welcome offers, including contributions toward home relocation expenses.

Buy a home in a Cooper Square community

At Cooper Square Communities, we buy homes directly from manufacturers at a significant (up to 40%) discount from retail price and we pass those savings on to you. On occasion, we will also have pre-owned homes available for purchase

Finance your home purchase

Our professional team will guide you through the financing process whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned homeowner. You are welcome to select a lender of your choosing.

Sell your

If you are a Cooper Square Community resident, whether you’re relocating, transitioning to a new residence, or simply looking to sell, we can help!

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