About Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are homes that are built in a factory and then transported to land where the home is set. Manufactured homeowners lease the land on which their home is situated. Residents of manufactured home communities enjoy pride of home ownership with unparalleled quality and comfort, at a price that is exceptionally affordable.


The average manufactured home is nearly 50% less expensive than a site-built single-family home. This attainable price allows you to become a homeowner sooner and to build equity faster, all for a smaller down-payment. Make your dreams of becoming a homeowner a reality.


For less than the cost of renting an apartment, you can live in a spacious home that will meet your needs through all phases of your life, whether you are looking for more space, getting married and moving in with that special someone, having kids, or downsizing now that you have an empty nest

High-Quality Construction

Manufactured homes are built to strict HUD standards using the same materials as site-built homes. Because these homes are built in controlled factory environments, they have high-quality craftsmanship that is not impacted by weather or materials delays.

Energy Efficiency

Modern manufactured homes are built with energy-efficient features, such as high-performance doors and windows, LED lighting, EnergyStar appliances, and insulation throughout. All of these add up to reduced heating and cooling bills, keeping more money in your pocket.


Manufactured homes offer a range of customization options, from floor plan configurations to gourmet kitchens and upgraded finishes. You can also add outdoor features like decks, carports, and parking garages.


Enjoy the benefits of living in a standalone home where you do not share walls with any neighbors.

Outdoor Space

Whether you are in an urban community or one that is further afield, you will have your own front and back yard, providing unparalleled access to private outdoor space.

Dedicated Parking

No more circling the block of the parking lot for a parking spot, park your car right by your front door. Your days of schlepping groceries up multiple flights of stairs and down long hallways are over.
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