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Discover a hassle-free process with Cooper Square Communities. We are actively seeking mobile home communities with 30 lots or more, in any condition. Sell your property to a team that understands the unique challenges and opportunities of mobile home park investments. We take a personalized and professional approach to finding mutually beneficial outcomes on every transaction.

Our expertise spans all segments of the business, from operations, leasing, and management to infill and sales, as well as financing and development. We strive to maximize the success of every mobile home park we buy and we invest significant capital into our assets.

We believe strongly in the potential of this dynamic sector to contribute to the future of housing. Join us on this journey as we redefine the landscape of manufactured housing.

Maximize Your

We specialize in recognizing hidden potential that others miss, allowing us to purchase properties at highly competitive prices.

Personalized Transaction Structures

Our experienced team has the knowledge and flexibility to create win-win deals based on your unique situation. For those owners with a significant tax liability upon sale, we may even be able to structure the sale in a way that defers capital gains.


Because we are principals, not brokers, you will not have to pay any broker fees on transactions that we consummate with you. This allows you to put more dollars and higher returns in your pocket.

Quick & Easy

We are a nimble and decisive team with a culture of honesty and integrity in all we do. We will ensure that any deal is fair, transparent, and seamless.


Our team is 100% dedicated to investing in, owning, and operating mobile home parks. As such, we deeply understand mobile home parks, their operations, and their nuances. We are able to see value where others might not, and this will allow us to pay you top dollar for your property. We are fully capitalized and able to close our purchases all cash, unlike other investors who syndicate their capital or need to raise equity and/or debt financing in order to close. Most importantly, we value professionalism and integrity above all, and this underlies everything we do and the way we treat all of our counterparties and relationships.

Once you contact us, a member of our leadership team will be in touch within 24 hours to introduce ourselves and learn more about your situation. We will ask for some basic information about your park so that we can most accurately compile our valuation, and within seven days, we will send you our valuation and corresponding offer for your park. 

While there is absolutely no obligation for you to sell to us after receiving our offer, if our proposal is compelling to you, we will send you a contract reflecting the terms presented in our offer, fund a good faith deposit along with the executed contract, and move quickly through our due diligence and toward closing. 

As principals, we understand and value your time. We will leverage our team and resources to ensure that this sale process will be seamless for you.

A typical deal has a two to three month timeframe from contract signing through closing. However, our firm has cash available to close quickly and can work with you on a closing timeline that best suits your needs, whether that is in days, weeks, or months.

The more information you share, the more detailed our valuation can be. That said, we can provide a very robust valuation with simply the following:

    • Property address
    • Number of lots (occupied and vacant)
    • Number of park owned homes (occupied and vacant)
    • Age range of park owned homes (if any)
    • Monthly rents
    • Size of lots
    • Whether the streets are paved or gravel
    • What type of utilities are in place (e.g. public or private water, sewer, electricity)
    • Who pays for what (e.g. do tenants pay for utilities, who is responsible for road maintenance, etc.)

We value transparency and will share with you how we arrived at our valuation. We can schedule a Zoom or in-person meeting to walk through the numbers in detail. When valuing properties, we take into consideration current market conditions in the capital markets and competitive dynamics within the local market. We are also able to identify areas to add value, as it allows us to pay you a higher price. We stand behind the offers that we put forth, and unless something changes with the asset, the offer price that we provide is the offer price that you will receive at closing. 

We hope that you will be wary of buyers out there who will give you a very large initial offer, as they often do so to get your attention without any intention of actually closing at that price. Once you engage with them, they will retrade and reduce that number for unexplainable or unjustifiable reasons as they progress through the buying process. Also, buyers who provide unrealistic offers will be unable to convince a lender to finance their purchase, and as a result, will ultimately not be able to close on the purchase, thus wasting significant amounts of your time. 

We do as much homework as we can upfront with the information you provide to us, to make sure that our offer to you is as accurate as possible, and we stand behind that offer.

No, we are not wholesalers. We are principal investors, and only pursue offers on properties that we plan to close on, own, and operate for our own account. We are not wholesalers, who try to buy your property at below-market value with the intent to “flip” the contract to another investor for a profit. We do not agree with this practice and it is not in our business model.

Zero. Because we are principals, there are absolutely no broker fees if you sell to us. Broker fees are often 5-10% or more of the total purchase price, which is a meaningful transaction cost. By working directly with us, you will be netting meaningfully more proceeds from the sale than if you hired a broker. 

Yes, we can be very flexible in our deal structures and will work with you, your accountant, and your attorney, to tailor the transaction in a way that addresses your specific situation.

Yes, we tailor all of our transactions to the needs of the seller from whom we are buying. We are happy to work with you on a closing schedule that gives you time to identify a 1031 exchange property.

We are highly respectful of the confidentiality of your information and we do not, under any circumstances, share your information with anybody outside of our team without your permission.

There is absolutely no obligation if you reach out to us. We would be happy to meet another fellow mobile home park owner with whom we can compare notes and share insights. Please do not hesitate to contact us – at the very least we can arm you with a fair market valuation of your property that you can keep for your reference.

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